ORT-KesherNet Centre, Khmelnitsky

The ORT-KesherNet Centre in Khmelnitsky for information and communication technologies began its operations in 2002. It is housed in “Techiya” community centre.

Name of CentreORT-KesherNet Center
Age rangePreschool, Adult education and training

The main impact of the centre is improving the social and economic status of socially vulnerable segments of the population by providing training for professional work with new information technologies. The centre’s target audience includes unemployed women, disabled people, young people and elderly people. Members of the Jewish community access the centre. 

The centre is partnered with Microsoft to deliver an "Information Dissemination and Equal Access" (IDEA) and YouthSpark projects.


Computer Literacy

This course introduces the basics of working with a PC , covering hardware and software, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word. Students attend for 2 hours per week over a month-long period.

Microsoft Excel and the Internet

This course covers working with Microsoft Excel, together with fundamentals of the Internet – including web browsers, surfing, downloading, email, social networks and Skype. Students attend for 2 hours per week over a month-long period.

Adobe Photoshop

This course focuses on the study of image editing, correction of defects in photos, and creation of collages.

Corel Draw

Students learn to create vector images at different levels of complexity, for example logos, business cards, advertisements, template layouts for newspapers and booklets.

Open lectures

The centre hosts public lectures on the following topics in order to promote ICT education:

Cyber Security 

This lecture covers the potential dangers, traps and viruses that computer users can be susceptible to.

The World of Information Technology

This lecture reviews modern computer technology facilities.

The Internet and Us

This lecture is about the opportunities of global Internet capacities, and the fact that anyone can find engaging material on the Internet to suit themselves.

The Importance of Computer Literacy

This lecture stresses the great importance of PC skills in the modern-day world.

What's New in the Virtual World

This lecture is dedicated to innovations in the world of technology.

A Walk through the Internet

This lecture reviews useful new websites.