ORT-KesherNet Centre, Krivoy Rog

The ORT-KesherNet Centre in Krivoy Rog for information and communication technologies began its operations in 2005. It is housed in the “Hesed Hana” Charity Foundation. The main impact of the centre is improving the social and economic status of socially vulnerable segments of the population by providing training for professional work with new information technologies. The centre’s target audience includes unemployed women, disabled people, young people and elderly people. Members of the Jewish community access the centre.  KesherNet is a joint project of World ORT and Project Kesher.

Name of CentreORT-KesherNet Center at Krivoy Rog
LocationKrivoy Rog\Ukraine
Age rangePreschool, Adult education and training

The centre is partnered with Microsoft to deliver an "Information Dissemination and Equal Access" (IDEA) and YouthSpark projects.


The centre offers the following courses:

Computer Literacy

This course – of 36 hours duration – introduces students to the fundamentals of PC hardware and software, file storage, Internet and e-mail, and Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Excel

This course – of 32 hours duration – trains students in the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel. It covers data entry and editing, functions and formulae, charts and diagrams.


This course – of 25 hours duration – covers web browsers, web addresses, encoding, domain names, e-mail and address books.

Web Design

This course – of 20 hours duration – teaches students the basics of HTML and website development.

System Administration

This course – of 20 hours duration – covers set-up of operating systems, adding and removing of programs, installing of antivirus and other software.

Fundamentals of Programming

This course consists of 3 modules designed for students who want to master the basics of programming in language C.

ICT Training for Elderly People

This course – of 36 hours duration – is designed for people over 55 years old, with a focus on opening up for them different channels of communication. In addition to the fundamentals of Microsoft Office and working with folders and files, the course covers using the Internet, SMS, e-mail clients and web cameras.

Microsoft Word

20-hours course includes the fundamentals of working with program, documents, sheets and lists,