ORT Career (HP-ORT GET-IT) Centre, Lviv

Lauder Acheinu Educational Center followed the Gymnasium Bratey Israel (Acheinu Lauder), is a private school licensed by the educational authorities of Ukraine. There are currently 57 students studying at school and 84 children 2-6 years old at kindergarten, all of whom are Jewish. The gymnasium was founded in 2001-2002 and from September 2011 it became affiliated member of ORT’s school network in the countries of the CIS and Baltic States. ORT has installed Information and Communication Technology Laboratory (ICT Lab) in the school, Lego equipment for Technology lessons, on-line equipment, computer and audio technique for teaching general, technological and Jewish subjects.

Name of CenterORT Career (HP-ORT GET-IT) Center
Age range Elementary, Junior High, High School, College, Adult education and training

The centre offers an ICT course for beginner entrepreneurs and small business owners, covering the basics of ICT which they will require for work purposes. The curriculum is developed by Microenterprise Acceleration Institute (MEA-I) in cooperation with Hewlett Packard.