ORT Argentina’s contributions to the Federal Education System include Pedagogical laboratories, development centres and other projects. –MORE-


ORT Argentina offers consulting and teacher training services to educational institutions in the region.

So far, numerous on-site and virtual training programmes have been implemented for the benefit of Education ministries, school principals and staff, and ICT experts, as well as teachers.

 As a result of agreements signed between ORT Argentina and different local Ministries of Education, teachers and trainers from ORT Argentina give training regarding the design of virtual teaching units to enrich classes and school projects with emerging technologies and to implement such innovative actions in the classrooms.

Teaching and learning with and about technology have become the most demanded topics, but they are not the only ones addressed today. Some of the issues in which ORT Argentina offers to share the professional know-how developed in the last 80 years include advice on lowering dropout rates through a better follow-up of students, on improving students’ learning performance, assistance in introducing the latest trends, and advances in learning and submitting new tracks in the region.

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