The Jewish Studies Department and Projects

There are over 30 teachers in the Jewish Education Department of ORT Argentina, who run several projects. 

Judaism through Meaningful Experiences

All along the school years, the calendar, traditions, customs and values of the Jewish millenary history are always present.

 Beit Haknesset (Synagogue)

The students may participate in the daily minyan to pray and share the Parashat Hashavua and the Dvar Torah with different community Rabbis.

 Multimedia CDs

Multimedia CDs have been developed to enrich the transmission and teaching of Jewish history and values.

 The multimedia CDs include:

El Pueblo de Israel en el Siglo XX (The People of Israel in the 20th Century)

Shoá – eclipse de la humanidad (Shoah – The Decline of Humanity)

Sionismo – anhelo milenario (Zionism – An Age-Old Longing)

Israel – un sueño puesto en escena (Israel – A Dream Come True)

These CDs are currently used by ORT Argentina and by other educational institutions of Argentina and Latin America. Each CD contains about 500 pages of text, hundreds of images, short films and audio material.

 Hebrew textbook ("Ivrit Baderech")

In keeping with the school’s commitment to develop attractive digital teaching materials, the Hebrew language teachers have developed an online Hebrew language textbook with different versions for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

 Digital didactic units

All students can work on multimedia materials published in the Jewish education units accessed from the Virtual Campus. These materials cover a wide variety of topics: Jewish identity, Torah, rabbinic literature, and modern Jewish history.

 March of the Living

Hundreds of ORT Argentina students have travelled to Poland and Israel under the banner of March of the Living. This international programme gathers youngsters from all over the world. It recalls and educates about the heroic resistance of the Jews, their fight for dignity and the importance of never forgetting the Holocaust.

 Publication of March of the Living Testimonials from Students


ORT Argentina has published a book with the testimonials of students who have participated in the March of the Living programme. The book, “Iluminar la Oscuridad” (Shedding Light on the Darkness), includes articles written by the students, reflections by parents and teachers, and historical explanations about each of the sites that the group visited. The purpose of this project is to preserve the memory of the Holocaust for future generations.