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ORT Chile

ORT Chile creates opportunities for learning and training through strategic projects which have impacted more than 150,000 people across 35 years. It has provided technical assistance to 500 schools and has designed and implemented significant programmes and projects for ministries, municipalities and major public and private companies.

ORT Chile's focus is on:

Education: Implementing mathematics, language, science and technology curricula, and improving overall school effectiveness.

Inclusion: assisting people who have special educational needs.

Employment: Facilitating small business development and preparing people for employment.

Number of students 1550
Number of teachers 160
Number of adult trainees 5740
Number of trainers 6 monitors of on-line training

ORT Chile is a leading force in the development of training programmes in education, both within the ORT network as well as external organisations. ORT Chile provides valuable guidance and materials for the ORT network.

More about ORT Chile

Science education - Tavec

The TAVEC initiative is active throughout Chile, improving the quality of science education in both public and private schools. Funded by the Coca Cola Foundation, the project supplies computers, micro-computer based laboratory technology and on-site training, in order to support new teaching methods and pedagogy in biology, physics and chemistry. Since 1995, TAVEC has reached 137 schools across the country.

Literacy - Children Have the Word

"Children have the word" is also active throughout Chile, offering schools an alternative program to improve the quality of the literacy process in 5 to 9 year olds. Using an innovative teaching methodology and educational materials, this scheme aims to improve children's reading comprehension through production and editing of texts. Funded by the Coca Cola Foundation, since 2004, 87 schools have been beneficiated from this program.


ORT Chile developed and installed a virtual training system for the AFC Chile workers, an institution that administers the unemployment insurance of 90% of the Chilean labour force. A further Project was also developed for the National Service of Training and Employment (SENCE) of the Chilean Government.

Business Development

Emprende Alto is an on-line training programme aimed at teaching small retail shop owners entrepreneurial practices and skills to improve their market position and generate more income. Funded by the Coca Cola Foundation, has increased the profits of the small shops owners between 20% and 50%, and our students have completed almost 1700 improvement projects. The programme aims to boost the industry and directly enhance the quality of life of the community. ORT Chile was responsible for the design, planning and implementation of this programme: creating multimedia learning resources, planning internal and external communication, developing education platform as well as tutorials, providing technological support and creating social-marketing campaigns. View the Emprende Alto Website and Facebook page.