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ORT Argentina

ORT Argentina is a pluralistic and open Jewish organisation which has been operating in the country since 1936. It now runs activities out of its two campuses covering three educational levels. The curriculum covers comprehensive general education oriented to fields of science and technology, Jewish Education, and it also underlines the importance of personal and social responsibility.

Escuela ORT Argentina

Name of School Escuela ORT
Location Almagro Campus & Belgrano Campus, Buenos Aires
Age range Primary school, Junior High, High School, Adult Education and Training
Students 7000+
Teachers 1050+

Courses and projects

2.0 Education

Our efforts toward a next-gen education system.

Jewish Education Projects

Providing the traditions and values of Jewish Education.

Projects to Improve Technical Education

Ensuring students have skills in a fast-moving job market.

Teacher Training Program

Keeping our teachers current ensures our students are prepared.

Contributions to the Federal Education System

Our contributions to the wider education system in Argentina.