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ORT Mexico

ORT Mexico was founded in 1965 in the belief that education is as an essential factor in delivering social impact. Since then, ORT Mexico has continued to grow and develop by providing scholarships to outstanding students, promoting cultural, technical and vocational education all to reflect the vision: "Education for life".

ORT Mexico Institutions

Colegio Israelita de México ORT (CIM-ORT), Mexico City

From 1924 to the present day, CIM-ORT has provided education focused on encouraging students to build their own knowledge. The school's mission is to give students a globalized view of the world, a strong Jewish identity and education, and a deep...

ORT University Mexico

Established in 2014 ORT University Mexico for Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship and Leadership is the first university in Latin America focused on social and ecological responsibility, promoting shared responsibility to heal, repair and...

ORT Mexico Events

International Conference on Educational Innovation

Established in 2008 and in partnership with the Ibero American Association of Educational Innovation BC, ORT Mexico's annual Congress in Innovative Education delivers training in the latest trends and advances in learning and education worldwide. This event brings together teachers, principals, psychologists, specialists and the general public to provide tools that contribute to improving the education system. Through educational expo, workshops, conferences and keynote presentations, this event allows more than 2,000 people to participate in a one of a kind event and benefit from the opportunity to hear and interact with top-level experts in the field.

Summit for the institutional development of NGOs

ORT Mexico is leading in a process of institutional development of professionals in the third sector through its annual Ibero-American Summit for Institutional Development. To provide new schemes and perspectives on the role and impact of NGOs amongst businesses, government, academia and social institutions, an integral program that includes workshops, conferences, panels and keynotes speeches has been held for 4 consecutive years, training more than 900 participants and 600 institutions each year.

Each year the Summit has been focused on different topics

  • Innovation and fundraising
  • Creativity and strategy
  • Passion and leadership
  • Assessment and accountability