BA in Multimedia Design

The BA in Multimedia Design is aimed at students with a strong interest in digital graphics, video and sound, web design, multimedia design and projects for digital television, mobile phones and new alternative digital media.

The curriculum incorporates the following areas:

Creativity - this area emphasizes creative software and digital art

Design - students receive an introduction to the basics of conventional design and work on the design of interfaces, web pages and CD ROMs

Picture and Sound - students learn how to create, obtain and process pictures, using traditional and digital tools

Audiovisual Techniques - in this area students learn about video and sound editing

Programming - this area provides an introduction to multimedia and web programming

Culture and Enterprise - this area covers the basic concepts of art and aesthetics, together with the fundamentals of marketing and new businesses.

Graduates of this study program become professionals who have mastered the formal and technological aspects of multimedia design. They are able to propose and run innovative multimedia and web design projects in the areas of digital television, mobile phones and alternative media. These projects can be carried out in advertising, trade, business or corporate contexts. They can work as independent professionals in multidisciplinary teams, design studios, advertising agencies, audiovisual production agencies, or in media departments of large corporations.


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