Faculty of Management and Social Sciences

The one and a half-year Diploma in Accounting develops familiarity with International Financial Reporting Standards. Students learn how to analyze financial statements in order to assess an organization's financial performance and make business recommendations accordingly.

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The Diploma in Finance is a graduate degree designed for professionals interested in financial management, banking, investment portfolios and capital markets.

The diploma provides specialized training in the areas of finance, economics and legal aspects relevant to the financial sector. It aims to develop students' analysis and decision-making in fast-changing market conditions.

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The Diploma in Human Resources provides up-to-date and comprehensive training on managing human resources in organizations. It offers a thorough grounding in both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject.

Students will develop their ability to:

  • Organize and direct human resource departments
  • Diagnose organizational problems and formulate change strategies
  • Select and train personnel
  • Design human resource policies in line with organizational strategy
  • Assess, plan and review remuneration schemes

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In an increasingly competitive and complex environment, companies are finding that they need people with the knowledge and skills to incorporate the voice of the customer across their business. The Diploma in Marketing Management has been designed to assist professionals in meeting the challenges of this new environment. The course combines academic teaching and managerial experience to ensure an optimal balance between theory and practice.

By the end of the diploma, students will be able to:

  • gear business processes to the demands of customers
  • promote strategic thinking in the course of commercial decision-making
  • incorporate information technology into marketing processes
  • feel confident about progressing into management positions in marketing

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The Diploma in Tax Management is aimed at chartered public accountants specializing in strategic tax advice.

Students will develop the following skills and capabilities:

  • solid knowledge of national and regional tax systems
  • management of technical and strategic tax planning tools
  • ability to identify fiscal risks and identify actions to mitigate these risks
  • ability to make recommendations on tax efficiency

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The two-year Master in Accounting and Tax Management is aimed at chartered public accountants who wish to specialize in management or consultancy. It is also aimed at recent accounting graduates who wish to consolidate their knowledge of accounting and tax regulations for their professional development and business skills.

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The MBA of Universidad ORT is a postgraduate program, formally recognized by the Uruguay Ministry of Education and Culture. It is ranked among the top 10 MBAs in the MERCOSUR group of Latin American countries (comprising Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) and among the top 30 throughout Latin America (according to the magazine América Economía). The course was accredited in 2013 by the Association of MBAs - one of the main accreditation bodies in the UK.

The modular course integrates a range of methodologies designed to optimize the learning of various business management issues and take into account individual learning styles. The course makes use of case analysis, lectures, classroom dynamics, simulation software, workshops, fieldwork and literature research, or a combination of these methodologies.

Mandatory topics on the course include marketing, organizational behavior and management, quantitative analysis, financial accounting and management, decision analysis, risk analysis, strategy and competition, business ethics, negotiation and communication, workshops in leadership and personal development, and practical work including creating and presenting business plans. The fieldwork is especially valuable, since not only does it provide experience of real experiential management, but it also encourages teamwork and leadership. It is highly valued by both students and employers.

Under agreements with the University of San Diego (USA) and COPPEAD - the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), students may undertake consultancy tasks during a short intensive period spent in a Brazilian company, together with other MBA students. There are also opportunities for students to participate in exchange programs at prestigious universities around the world.

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The Master in Economics (by research) is a two-year postgraduate program. During the first year students take courses in the main areas of the discipline and in the second year they work on a research thesis, which is co-directed by a local and an international tutor.

The first year curriculum is comprised of the following courses: Macroeconomics 1 and 2, Microeconomics 1 and 2, Econometrics, Advanced Topics and a Research Workshop. During this year students also begin a literature review and create an outline of their final research project.

A Diploma in Economics will be awarded upon completion of the basic core curriculum (first year), after delivering a literature review in a field that is determined jointly by the Coordinator of the Masters degree and the student.

During the second year, students participate in general and specialized seminar courses and undertake their research under the guidance of one tutor resident in Uruguay and a second tutor from abroad.

Graduates of this course are recognized for their:

  • ability to address research problems
  • command of their area of specialization
  • contribution to knowledge in their area

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The two-year Master in Financial Management is a course for graduates who have an interest in professional financial management and financial consultancy.

The curriculum has an international flavor and is divided into four main areas:

  • Corporate finance
  • Capital markets
  • Quantitative tools (mathematics, economics, statistics and econometrics)
  • Management tools (strategy, ethics, business policy and control)

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The two-year Master in Human Resource Management is for graduate students interested in the strategic management of human capital and in change management. It will develop students' skills in negotiation, labor relations and general human resource management.

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The Master in Technology Business Management has been developed by Universidad ORT with the support of the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII). It provides development tools, knowledge, concepts and skills which allow students to develop a new perspective on the management and direction of technology companies.

This Master program facilitates the understanding and analysis of the current status of ICT companies, their technology and their strategic potential as well as their opportunities in international markets.

Upon completion of the program, participants are able to:

  • share and disseminate successful experiences of local and regional technology companies
  • transfer knowledge and develop critical skills in key areas of management, providing an overview of technology companies in Uruguay, the region and the world
  • display leadership and teamwork skills
  • develop new business models in a context of rapid convergence and technological innovation
  • analyze global technological opportunities to create viable and specific startups
  • make complex decisions and implement them in environments of risk and uncertainty, through an examination of dilemmas related to decision-making processes
  • learn from others and create new business models within an innovative sector

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The Diploma of Specialization in Economics is a one-year programme focused on specialization in core subjects of the discipline: microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics.

The overall academic objective of the Diploma is to facilitate the leap between undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. 

Those interested in deepening their academic training and their experience in research may complete an additional year to obtain the Master's Degree in Economics.

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Faculty of Architecture

The Master in Engineering (by research) is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture and supported by the National Agency for Innovation and Research (ANII). Students taking the course learn primarily through research activities, which lead to a final thesis written under the supervision of an active researcher within the faculty.

The emphasis on research distinguishes this program from those that are primarily teaching-based. For this reason, the link to one of the research groups operating in the faculty is a key element for the completion of this course. This contact is established at the outset of the program. The research groups belong to the different branches of Engineering that operate in the faculty: Electronics, Telecommunications and Systems.

During the first year of their studies, students prepare a draft thesis, related to the work of the research group, which must be approved before they start work on the thesis itself. This takes place during the second year of studies. The final thesis is expected to make a significant contribution to the literature of the area through its creative use of knowledge and identification of innovative solutions to problems.

Graduates of this program have an extensive command of their specialist area and have contributed at least one opportunity or line of work for further development and research. Furthermore, graduates of this program develop learning skills that enable them to continue their education at doctoral level, including the ability to deal with original research work on a more independent basis.

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This short tertiary course allows students to move on to further study in other careers such as the Degree in Interior Design and Architecture.Its mission is to train professionals with solid technical and theoretical knowledge.The graduates of this course should be able to understand societal shifts, ways of living and interior design, to respond creatively to them and to assume leadership roles in the construction of the interior space to improve quality of life.

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Faculty of Engineering

Since this technological revolution, analyzing large volumes of data has become an essential tool for drawing conclusions and making critical decisions in all areas of human activity, whether economic, social, business, industrial, agricultural or biological. 

The Diploma pursues the following objectives:

  • Train students in technical skills to solve complex problems in a world of large volumes of data.
  • Provide solid training that provides the necessary knowledge to ensure the adaptation of the professional to the technological advances of the future.
  • Develop skills that add value to professional practice: rigour, teamwork, leadership, communication, trust, service and commitment.
  • Train the professional to achieve a quick application of the knowledge acquired in the workplace.
  • Encourage a methodology of theoretical and practical training, which fosters curiosity, creativity, experimentation and entrepreneurship by solving case studies of increasing complexity.

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Students of this Master's complete a thesis under the guidance of one of our researchers with the support of advanced courses and research seminars. The emphasis on research distinguishes this program from those based on courses and other teaching activities. 

The quality of the work of the course graduates is reflected in dozens of publications in conferences and international journals, as well as in prizes in national and international thesis competitions.

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Institute of Education

The one-year Diploma in Education is aimed at educators and other professionals interested in educational innovation.

The objectives of the course are

  • train and develop specialists capable of managing change processes at different educational levels
  • provide a theoretical framework for the complex mechanisms of institutional change
  • offer methodological tools needed to implement educational research projects
  • develop values, skills and attitudes necessary for promoting teamwork at an institutional level
  • promote conditions for the development of interdisciplinary educational institutions
  • provide strategies for teachers to reflect on and make changes to their educational practice

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 The one-year Diploma in Educational Planning & Management is designed for educators and other professionals interested in educational management and supervision.

  • provide school supervisors and managers with strategies and resources to be more effective in their roles
  • improve educational practice through the use of case studies
  • present theoretical frameworks for understanding and interpreting the complex dynamics of educational planning and management
  • develop new forms of educational intervention

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The Doctorate in Education is a graduate program of three years, recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture and aimed at education professionals who are interested in educational research.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will have conducted critical analyses of the problems faced by education today, by developing innovative and original proposals for research in education.

The aims of the program are

  • train researchers who are capable of generating specific and original knowledge about educational issues in the twenty-first century, who are able to conduct cutting-edge research, and who are able to develop new theories and concepts
  • promote an environment for analysis and research on educational issues in the region
  • provide regional education professionals with the opportunity to continue their studies, to specialize in an educational topic and to obtain a major academic degree

Graduates of this program take on roles where they:

  • participate, educate and lead their own research teams
  • organize research lines based on work completed during their doctoral program
  • contribute in a personal and creative way to the circulation of knowledge through publications and presentations

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The Master in Education is a two-year graduate program aimed at university graduates with teaching experience and at graduates of teacher training institutions.

The program approaches the fields of education and pedagogy from an interdisciplinary perspective, with a focus on seminars and workshops that engender debate and further research.

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The Master in Education Management Degree is a two-year graduate program, aimed at education professionals interested in participating in improvement processes and organizational development in schools.

The course objectives are

  • offer training at a high level of academic specialization in the field of educational organization and management
  • provide knowledge and analysis of educational organization
  • strengthen capacity for combining research and educational management
  • develop students' ability to identify challenging situations, to generate innovative proposals and to design collective strategies for appropriate interventions in educational settings
  • contribute to the scientific and academic communities through sharing experiences of successful solutions to recurring challenges in education

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Teacher Training is key for the development of educational strategies and didactic methodologies. The Master's in Training of Teachers opens a space for the development of capacities of planning, implementation and evaluation of training. The course is aimed at those who seek to perform professionally in the field of:

  • Teacher training institutes and universities.
  • Training programmes of public and private companies.
  • Training in non-governmental organizations.

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