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Escola ORT

Escola ORT is recognized as one of the best schools in the country, ranked thirteen out of all schools in Rio de Janeiro. The school focuses on science and technology, with specialisms in biotechnology, computer science, electronics and social media.

Name of School Escola ORT
Location Rio de Janeiro
Age range Junior High, High School
Students 203
Teachers 70


Computer Labs

ORT Brazil works with a computer and collaboration lounge and three dedicated computer labs. In the lounge, students have access to computers outside of classes and even after school hours for school work, private projects, and more. Our three computer labs have a total of 51 state-of-the art computers in a newly renovated modern and comfortable setting, and high-speed broadband internet access.

Robotics Lab

The Robotics Lab, inaugurated in 2017, is a fantastic maker space with all tools necessary for creating and experimenting. Students have access to workstations with computers, power supplies, soldering irons and a variety of tools and equipment: from hammers, pliers and drills to Arduinos, 3D-printers and even a lathe.

Students from 10 to 18 have already been busy creating their own robots: line followers, "sumo-style" fighting robots and more. The space even has its own playing arena with built-in lights, and stands for watching the fun, like the first robot-battle tournament that already took place with students and even parents. 

The lab is also being used by teachers and parents, in a fantastic robot building class for adults currently being taught after-hours.

National Science and Technology Week

ORT students present experiments, projects and science & technology demonstrations as part of an annual science and technology week organized by the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology. 400 students from Escola ORT and other schools take part each year.


The high school students already have entrepreneurship classes designed to show them how to create, present and execute their sustainable and innovative projects. There are plans to expand this as well as to introduce a brand new course to encourage and create the new young entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow, planned to begin in 2018.

NEDEA - Experimental Nucleus for Environmental Studies

One hundred and fifty students each year learn about biodiversity and environmental sustainability at this field centre, located 45 miles outside of Rio in 210 acres of forests, rivers and lakes. The ORT Institute of Technology renewed the area, transforming it into a research centre with laboratories, equipment and materials storage rooms as well as an area for external field work.  

The goal of NEDEA is to offer students the opportunity to carry out educational projects related to the environment and to conduct field work in environmental education, science and technology. The educational program is expanding to include other students from local schools, in addition to ORT students.

Computer Programming Workshops 

ORT Brazil has partnered with institutions such as MIT to offer programming courses to both students and adults. From a Game Development Summer Workshop to a Swift App Development course, students from 12 to 80 can learn and expand their knowledge of computer programming and gain the skills for new opportunities. 

Science Olympiads

The school organizes training for several Science Olympiad categories such as computer science, biology, chemistry and astronomy, open to students from within the school and the community at large. Students then take part in the Olympiad themselves, the school being an official Science Olympiad host. 

In 2016, students received a Bronze medal and an honourable mention (top 15) in The Computer Science Olympiads at the national finals. As of July 2017, from 13 students classified for the semi-finals and five were classified for the finals. 

In 2017, three pairs of students participated in the Brazilian Robotics Olympiads, and snagged all three top classification spots in the regional phase, receiving gold, bronze and silver medals. 

The Brazilian Biology Olympiad takes place annually and attracts more than 70,000 high school students from across the world. The eight students who achieve the best results come to Instituto de Tecnologia ORT to receive their medals and for further practical training to participate in the International and Ibero-American Olympiads.


Students attend weekly theatre performance classes in the newly renovated school auditorium. Theatre helps students to expand their horizons, break through their own limitations, and expand their presentation, social and group organising skills, using pedagogical methodologies from the best international theatre schools.

Jewish Education

Jewish education is approached through a history and culture, with an emphasis on the moral and ethical values ​​of Judaism. Jewish life is stimulated in school through the knowledge of the customs, traditions and history of the Jewish people.

Cultural Events

ORT Brazil takes part in the annual Brazilian and Pan-American Maccabi Games, where students from Jewish Schools from all over Brazil and Latin America compete in sporting events.  

ORT Brazil organizes annual presentations of musical and cultural programs for the benefit of the school's Rio de Janeiro Scholarship Fund.

Science Club 

After school hours, students from ORT and partner schools take part in fun activities designed to spark their interest for science. Hands on experiments trigger their curiosity and take them on a journey investigating natural phenomena, technology, astronomy, physics and more.