World ORT

ORT is an international organisation, established in 1880, that provides education and training in many countries. Although each country is unique, ORT aims to be forward-thinking, preparing people from diverse communities around the world to become economically self-sufficient, socially responsible and to contribute positively to society.

World ORT is the central body that coordinates the federated network of National ORT Organizations worldwide. This central body works to identify, develop and share good practice and foster collaboration to improve the breadth and quality of our programs and the numbers of individuals and communities reached.

World ORT Education Department

The Education Department of World ORT is based in London, UK and works hand-in-hand with the schools, colleges, universities and training centres around the world. We aim to provide them with leadership, support and international connections in their efforts to provide the very best in teaching and learning, whether that is in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), vocational courses, Jewish studies or any other course that you will find on this site.

‘Educating for Life’

We are always looking to find ways to improve access to educational opportunities, taking full advantage of available technologies, to ensure that ORT’s curriculum is broad and adaptive, and relevant to needs locally and globally. To this end we will continue to provide opportunities for educators and students to learn from each other and collaborate together in meaningful ways.


If you have further enquiries please email us ([email protected]).