ORT Mexico

ORT Mexico was founded in 1965. Education was seen as an essential factor in the development and social impact. Since then, ORT Mexico has been changing to adapt to the new and changing realities of the country, providing knowledge and experience to more people.In 1971, ORT was established as a civil association to promote "the culture at large, technical and vocational education, rehabilitation through labor" as well as help with scholarships to outstanding students. This objective has changed over time but in the end, reflects the vision: "Education for life" .

Since 1987, a group of businessmen and intellectuals transformed ORT Organization of Mexico into private assistance institution, to continue to contribute, according to the ideology of the World ORT Union, to improve the living conditions of the neediest sectors.

Colegio Israelita de México ORT (CIM-ORT)

Colegio Israelita de México ORTas part ORT´s International network of schools has consolidated its foundations as a school that follows ORT´s philosophy, promoting the students to be responsible for their own learning.School is supported by a strong Educational Model that guides all the educative process from K to 12th grade. This model is designed to develop a competence-based education approach in order to “Educate for Life” [Read more]

ORT University in México

The ORT México University opened in January 2015 is the first institution of its class in Latin America, primarily focused on academic programs that serve the needs of the non-profit sector and promote social justice, equality and diversity [Read More]

ORT Mexico Events

Congress in Innovative Education

Concerned about the needs of educational development that exist in Mexico, ORT Mexico in partnership with the Ibero American Association of Educational Innovation BC have been given the task of providing training opportunities for teachers and principals of Mexico. With the diffusion of cutting-edge knowledge to the development of national teaching, in order to create better professionals with a global vision that will help achieve a better Mexico. Therefore, since 2008, every year International Conference on Educational Innovation takes place.

This Congress is one of the most important events on education in Mexico, and serving various topics related to the latest trends and innovations in learning and education worldwide. Every year this event brings together teachers, principals, psychologists, specialists and the general public in order to provide tools that contribute to improving the education through educational expo, workshops, conferences and keynote presentations. This event allows more than 2,000 people  participate in a one of a kind event and benefit from the opportunity to hear and interact with top-level experts in the field.

Ibero-American Summit of institutional development for NGOs

The Ibero-American Summit for Institutional Development was created with the philosophy of achieving, through workshops and conferences, a comprehensive approach allowing attendees to gain a "complete picture" of the state of institutional development in the social sector. The goal is to provide third sector professionals new schemes and perspectives on the role and impact within a system where they interact with business, government, academia and society.

The third sector has a crucial role in the development process of Mexico as innovative agents of change and social transformation. ORT Mexico has a responsibility to carry on and lead a process of institutional development to improve effectiveness as social actors.

With an integral program that includes workshops, conferences, panels, and keynotes speeches, it has been held for 4 consecutive years, training more than 600 institutions and more than 900 participants each year.

Each year the Summit has been focused on different topics

  • Innovation and fundraising
  • Creativity and strategy
  • Passion and leadership
  • Assessment and accountability