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ORT University Mexico

Established in 2014 ORT University Mexico for Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship and Leadership is the first university in Latin America focused primarily on tikkun olam (Hebrew for “repairing the world”), where the focus is on the shared responsibility to heal, repair and transform the world. Academically, it is set to be a leading academic institution in Latin America, carrying out educational, research and dissemination programs of excellence in the fields of non-profit management as well as social responsibility fields such as environment, poverty, human rights, diversity, disabilities, and addiction prevention.

Name of School University ORT Mexico
Location Mexico City, Mexico
Type ORT University
Age range Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Students 178 students
Teachers 50

The Mission

ORT University Mexico is an institution of higher education whose mission is to promote and strengthen the non-profit sector through the training of professionals to reach the highest standards of excellence in areas of social responsibility, entrepreneurship and leadership.

The Vision

The institution promotes the positive transformation of society based on values ​​of Tikkun Olam andsocial justice. 

ORT University Mexico aspires to be an educational leader in the non-profit sector, due to the high academic standards in our work, as well having a faculty of the highest national and international level, and our practical, active and collaborative student-centered educational approach. As well as an effective agent of social transformation, through

• The academic training of responsible, free and critical individuals

• The professionalism and strengthening of civil society institution

• The generation and dissemination of knowledge from various fields and disciplines of the non-profit sector.

An institution highly regarded for its entrepreneurial leadership in the non-profit sector and the consistency of its daily practice with the values ​​of respect for human dignity and the environment.


One of the main strategies for the ORT University Mexico to ensure the highest academic quality is to develop strategic partnerships with renowned academic and nonprofit sector organizations.

The University has made an alliance with the Council of Civil Society Organizations in Mexico City, which will grant us access to over 3,000 CSOs and NGOs in the Mexico City area for student recruitment purposes. Other signed agreements include non-profits as the Molina Center for Energy and the Environment in San Diego, CA to develop a Master’s in Environmental Education, and the National College of Administrators to develop a Master’s in non-profit Administration.

In the academic arena, there will be cooperation agreements with the higher education institutions affiliated with World ORT: ORT Uruguay University, considered one of the 10 best higher education institutions in Latin America and ORT Braude College in Carmiel, Israel.