Scuola della Comunita Ebraica di Milano

The Jewish School in Milan was set up in 1929. Following the introduction of discriminatory laws in 1938 which excluded Jewish students and teachers from public schools and universities across Italy, the school became increasingly important for the community and became known for the high quality of education and freedom of expression enjoyed by those who studied and taught at it.

At the end of the war, it was decided to retain the "vertical" organization of the school - i.e. all components, from kindergarten to high school, coming under one organizational roof - and this has remained a distinguishing feature of the institution up until the present day. Over the subsequent years, the school has helped students and their families from a wide range of geographical areas and cultures - e.g. Egypt, Lybia, Lebanon and eastern Europe - to integrate into the Jewish community of Milan.

Name of SchoolScuola della Comunita Ebraica di Milano
Location Milan/Italy
Age rangePreschool, Elementary, Junior High, High School

The Jewish School in Milan is the "public" school of the community, and therefore prides itself on being open and welcoming to all members. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum, which enables students to apply to all Italian and foreign universities, and provides them with a solid base for entering working life and wider society.

Jewish Education

This general curriculum is accompanied by a strong Hebrew and Jewish Studies curriculum - Bible, Oral Torah, Midrash, Holidays and Celebrations, rules of Jewish life, knowledge of prayers, Jewish history and Hebrew language - which focuses on instilling a strong Jewish identity in every student. The Jewish ethos and education offered by the school is "traditional" - according to the Italian understanding of this term. All Jewish laws are observed, but at the same time the school is not denominational. Rather, it offers a pluralist environment, bringing together students of different levels of home observance for communal celebrations and ceremonies.

Among the school's extra-curricular activities, gymnastics, soccer, volleyball and krav maga courses are offered to students of all ages. In addition, several cultural evenings are organised at school in collaboration with the community's Chief Rabbinate and department of culture with the aim of involving parents and families in the life of the school.

Jewish Projects

This is a trip to Israel for senior students to improve their Hebrew in context, to know and visit the historical sites of Israel and to engage with Israel's future by visiting the sites of the 'startup' Country.

Shoah - I remember: This is a trip to Poland to engage with the history of the Jewish people in the Shoah.

Technology Education

ORT Multimedia Lab

In recent years, ORT has supported the installation of a multi-purpose multimedia lab at the school. The "ORT-Michele Silvers Classroom" comprises clusters of islands of desks, each equipped with a PC, a retractable screen in the desk and a graphics tablet. Thanks to a classroom management system installed on the computers in the lab, the teacher can project their screen onto those of the students, create virtual groups of students to collaborate on work, and project the screen of a student onto the main interactive whiteboard.

This lab has afforded one of the first experiences of using 1:1 technological equipment in an Italian high school, and this prominence has resulted in several further opportunities and projects. The school was included in the EUN Schoolnet Acer Tablets project (2011-12) and also in the WEB Generation project of the Lombardy region (2012) - which funded two classes' worth of 1:1 tablets, together with the school's own fundraising foundation. A group of students was invited to the ABCD education fair in Genoa (2012), where they took part in a demonstration 1:1 lesson at the Italian Ministry's "The School of the Future" stand.

Technology Projects

The school was invited to take part in the ITEC EUN INDIRE project (2013), aimed at testing innovative model pedagogical design. This project is structured in multiple stages and works towards student-produced objects. In the Jewish School of Milan students created video-narrations of selected mathematical topics.

This project for children of primary school explores opportunities and threats online to help children to be aware about the Internet and to let them have a blog to express themselves and share any possible doubt.
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In high school, students experiment with the MIT App Inventor to produce apps and to implement creative solutions to problems.

This project is aimed at helping students with recognised learning difficulties in maths through puzzles. The project teaches students how to improve their strategic problem solving, to find alternative solutions and to gain a stronger sense of numbers with all through puzzle games.

These projects have increasingly attracted national interest in the school's work and training given by the lead coordinator at the school is in demand across Italy.

Other Projects

  • Theatre in French: in cooperation with Fondazione Cariplo and in partnership with other schools in Milan and Italy, this project takes a piece of French literature and makes it into a drama.
  • Kangarou: participation to the official maths national contest.
  • Scuola-Lavoro: a 1 week internship to drive students to their passions and to develop their entrepreneurship.
  • Art in French: students in the 10th, 11th and 12th grade study art in the French language, taught through a CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) approach. High schools in Italy are legally required to teach students at least one subject in a foreign language.
  • Sport education: sessions of sailing, skiing and orienteering for High School students to improve their relationship with nature, with our limits, and with others. 


In terms of partnerships, the school works with the Milan-based Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, with a couple of students attending the institute's summer school each year.