ORT Vocational Training Centre at the Jewish Community Centre YESOD, St Petersburg

ORT’s Vocational Training Center in St. Petersburg opened in 2008.  The center aims to develop students’ professional skills and boost their employability. In addition to attending lessons at the center itself, students can participate in courses and seminars through a distance learning scheme.

Name of CenterORT Vocational Training Center at the Jewish Community Center YESOD
LocationSt Petersburg/Russia
Age rangeAdult education and training

Jewish Activities and Educational projects

The centre takes part in all Jewish community activities such as the celebration of Hanukkah, the Jewish Day of Knowledge, Global Day of Jewish Learning, Purim, etc. The centre also runs joint projects with the Israeli Cultural Centre such as a video conference initiative with Israeli scientists for high school students and the Jewish Community Centre YESOD.

In 2013 and 2015 the ORT Vocational Training Centre at the Jewish Community Centre YESOD hosted the World ORT Naomi Prawer Kadar International Seminar for Digital Technologies in Jewish education for teachers of ORT network Jewish Schools and schools-partners.

In 2014 and 2015 "Robotraffic" competitions (developed by Leumi Robotics Centre of Technion) became a part of the All-Russian Robotic Olympiad. To promote this event in 2015 there were workshops for the representatives of regional representatives organized on the base of ORT VTC in St Petersburg (in cooperation with ORT VTC in Yekaterinburg).

In 2016 and 2017 there were professional training seminars for the primary grades teachers of the ORT network schools in St Petersburg, Moscow and Kazan were organized within the DASH program (Development Approaches in Science, Health and Technology).


In 2017, in cooperation with ORT VTC in Yekaterinburg, training on the methodology of teaching “Digital Society Technologies for Women” for teachers of ORT-KesherNet centres was held.


The centre offers variety of courses mainly focused on the development of ICT skills, use of the technologies in the work environment and others.

English Language with Computer Support

The main feature of this course is the combining of traditional methods of language instruction with cutting-edge technological facilities. Training is available from beginner to advanced level.

Computer Design

This course is for people aiming to use computer graphics and photography in their work. Students develop their creativity and imagination, together with the necessary professional skills.

Professional training courses for school and kindergarten teachers 

Courses provided by ORT VTC help teachers to master up-to-date information technologies required in their professional activities – Word, Excel and Power Point. 

"Incubator PROF"


In the 2017-2018 academic year in St Petersburg, the project "Incubator PROF" was launched. Within the project students in the senior grades’ complete vocational guidance tests and games, receive counselling and take part in career days in industries and universities. Within the framework of the "Incubator Prof" they can take courses from the Cisco Academy like IT Essentials, Networking Essentials and IoT.

Distance courses

A special place in the activities of ORT Vocational Training Center at the Jewish Community Center YESOD is taken by distance courses. In recent years, courses have been developed in e-learning training in the areas "Methods and Practical Techniques for Teaching elderly people "Information Technologies", "Contemporary Approaches to Using Information Technologies in Education" and "Development of Competencies in the Field of Modern Technologies. Modelling of "autonomous vehicles" has also been successfully conducted.



  • ORT VTC’s project "Creation and development of inter-regional networks with NGOs involved in aged people training in ICT" has received a grant for 2 years from the Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Development. The project aims to support NGOs to train elderly people in information technology and expand the range of educational services for older people. Specialists from 15 regions with representatives of the 6 ORT-KesherNet centres have so far participated in this project.
  • With the support of the EVZ Foundation the ORT Vocational Training Centre at the Jewish Community Center YESOD implements several grant projects for elderly people, former prisoners of concentration camps and ghettos and Holocaust victims. Since 2011, the centre has offered training to teachers of ICT for the elderly who work in municipal training centres, such as in public libraries. The training course is provided free of charge and this includes all course materials. There are monthly seminars, supported by a web portal housing specialist resources, video recordings of the seminars and answers to assignments. Since 2013 the centre has expanded the project by joining together other regions of Russia.
  • In October 2015 the St Petersburg ORT Vocational Training Centre provided the first session of computer courses for aged people within the frames of the project "Manor of volunteers". This became possible thanks to a joint project of ORT-SPb Centre and Hesed Avraham with the support of World ORT.
  • In 2017, with the support of the CAF Russia ORT Vocational Training Centre at the Jewish Community Centre, YESOD launched a socially significant project "Biographical Education in the Context of Social Support and Educational Work with the Elderly People". More than 50 specialists (psychologists and social workers) from different cities of the Russian Federation have mastered a new method of individual and group work with the low-mobile elderly people based on biographies of real people.