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ORT Technology Centre at Cultural and Business Centre "Menora" in Dnepropetrovsk

Technology Centre “ORT-Menora” was opened in November 2013 at the Dnepropetrovsk Cultural and Business Centre “Menora”. The Centre includes technological laboratory for 12 seats, which is equipped with all necessary facilities, including computers, multimedia projector and interactive board. ORT-Menora Center works in cooperation with local Jewish organizations - JDC, Israeli Cultural Centre, Jewish Agency and others.

Name of School ORT Technology Centre “ORT-Menora”
Location Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine
Age range Middle and senior schoolchildren, youth, adult education and training
Students 600
Teachers 7


The centre offers the following :

  • Training of the adult population in the sphere of information technology;
  • Training of the adult population to use information and communication technologies in various areas of professional activity;
  • Training and certification of  Microsoft Corporation Office Specialist (MOS) and Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA);
  • CISCO training and certification «IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software» (Fundamentals of IT: hardware and software PC);
  • Certification program for ECDL (European Computer Driving License). Confirmation of practical skills and competencies on work with computer in accordance with European norms and standards.

Programming Department

- PHP (scripting language PHP, Web-development);

- ASP.NET (object-oriented programming language);

- C / C ++ (software development using the language C / C ++);

- Q & A (software testing);

- WEB-design (basic knowledge of the creation of web-sites);

- C # (programming language);

- Java (software development)

Graphic Design Department

- Photoshop and Illustrator in Dreamweaver annex (creation and processing of graphic content and its consolidation in the WEB, working with digital photos, create animations, design of printed layouts, the basics of front end development, and others.);

- AutoCAD (design basis using electronic Editor);

- 3D-max (the principles of the creation and processing of 3D modelling computer);

- Pinnacle Studio (video processing, video editing);

Other Courses and Training Programmes

Achievements and Contributions to the national education system

  • The ORT Technology Centre has been awarded the status of a Microsoft IDEA Center. The IDEA program creates and supports community-based Internet centers which provide residents with access to computers and free ICT training.
  • Every year hundreds of teachers from schools across Dnepropetrovsk come to the ORT Technology Centre for training on a variety of technology and education-related subjects. The Center conducts courses in conjunction with the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Pedagogical Postgraduate Institute.
  • The student of the educational Center ORT Menorah became the winner of the contest of computer graphics "Ukraine kosmіchna-2015", which was dedicated to the flight of Sputnik.
  • In 2015 in cooperation with Dnepropetrovsk Jewish Community and the English for Kids Foundation the first English summer camp for Jewish kids of Dnepropetrovsk city was held.
  • In cooperation with the Department of Education and Science of Dnipropetrovsk City and Dnepropetrovsk National University the first Dnepropetrovsk regional festival of Robotics was held in Dnepropetrovsk region.