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Educational Centre ORT-Hilel, Kiev

In October 2014 the first IT laboratory was installed and first course started on the basis of “Hillel” International.  Educational center ORT- Hillel Kiev was officially opened in May 2015 with the installation of the second lab.  The Centre is providing a comprehensive solution to the challenges, youth faced while striving for the successful career in computer programming. The main aim of the Centre is to provide IT training courses to hundreds of young members of Jewish community who are aiming for an ICT education that will enable them to keep up-to-date skills, to find suitable employment, and to improve their economic status. All disciplines are accompanied by an in-depth study of the English language and lessons on mathematical logic.

Many of those who come to the IT school have never previously participated in Jewish community life. It is from here that they experience their very first Shabbat and meet other Jewish youth, so they begin the process of involvement into the Jewish life.

Name of Centre Educational centre ORT- Hillel Kiev
Location Kiev/Ukraine
Age range Senior school, Adult education and training
Students 325
Teachers 35


The fields of study at computer school are the following: Introduction to programming, C/C++ programmer, Java programmer, iOS developer, Android developer, E-marketing and SEO, UI design, Project Manager WEB, Front-end developer, Net developer. Each course is of 32 or 64 hours (4 hours per week) duration. All practical exercises are based on real-life projects. All disciplines are accompanied by an in-depth study of the English language and lessons on mathematical logic.

Educational Centre ORT-Hilel, Kiev - Programming

Educational Centre ORT-Hilel, Kiev - Project Management

Social Media Communications

Duration – 1 months, 2 times per week

The course is designed for those who would like to get necessary skills of business communications and is useful for SMM-specialists of brands and companies, graduates of universities, public figures and owners of businesses. The course is designed for anyone who wants to be more efficient on the web, to use social media for future and to promote yourself or own business. During the course students learn how to build their personal brand on the web and create or correct the informal channels of communication of business.

Teaching and Further Career Opportunities

Teaching staff are professionals with years of experience in the biggest IT companies in Ukraine such as Luxoft, Ciklum, Netpeak, Netocrat Communications etc.

The Centre works with business incubators that help innovative and advanced IT-projects to become world-class companies. The Centre holds regular meetings with potential employers and assists in successful employment. Centre graduates pass a simplified interview and have the chance to work on probation in partner companies. Students who successfully complete the probation period have the opportunity to continue their work in these companies.