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Kfar Hassidim Junior High and High School

Located in Israel’s Western Galilee region, the Kfar Hassidim Religious Youth Village near Haifa was established for European children escaping the Holocaust. Today it has become a refuge for orphans, new immigrants, students at risk and children from impoverished families who are escaping extreme poverty, broken homes and traumatic experiences that make it difficult for them to function in Israel’s conventional educational system.

Tutoring is provided to students who are in need of extra support, and social workers provide assistance with social, emotional and educational difficulties as well. Kfar Hassidim is more than just a school, it is a community.

Name Kfar Hassidim Junior High & High School
Location Kfar Ha'Noar HaDati Educational Village, Zebulun Valley, Israel
Students 270
Teachers 52

The school is composed of a junior and a senior high school, many of whom come from Ethiopian immigrant families. The majority of students live in the village’s dormitories on a permanent basis due to their situation at home. Other children who live at home are provided with a hot meal at lunchtime, used clothing and food parcels to take home for their families, helping to alleviate some of the economic burden on their parents.

Kfar Hassidim offers every student the opportunity to study to matriculation level in a variety of standard subjects, as well as in computer science, communications and agricultural studies.

The school also has a renowned Jewish studies department, which was established in order to help integrate new immigrant students into the wider Israeli society.  Students also enjoy a range of extra-curricular activities: optional courses in leadership development, a variety of sports, music, choir, and martial arts.