Levinson Junior High & High School

Prior to the foundation of the Educational Network, Levinson High School was an affiliated school of World ORT Kadima Mada and it became one the Kadima Mada network schools in 2016. Levinson Junior High and Levinson High School serve approximately 250 students aged 12-18.

Name Levinson Junior High & High School
Location Kiryat Yam, Israel
Students 221
Teachers 46

Most of the students come from disadvantaged backgrounds, such as students from immigrant Ethiopian families who make up more than 30% of the school's population. In addition, nearly all of the students are defined as a youth at risk and are treated by the welfare authorities.

The educational programs implemented in the school's curriculum together with the facilities upgrade have resulted in a huge rise in the matriculation success from 29% to 81%. Some of the core study tracks offered at the school are; Accounting, Biology, Electronics and Computers.

The school offers a dropout prevention program that aims to reduce the number of students dropping out of school because of educational and economic reasons. The school also offers emotional therapy and has recently opened a new treatment center for approximately 20 students. The center has become a place where all students, not only those who receive therapy, can come to for relaxation, reflection and social interactions.