Hatter Technology Seminar

World ORT’s annual technology seminar provides an opportunity for 20 of ORT’s professional educators from all over the world to explore the latest developments in STEM teaching and learning. Each year a specific pedagogical or technological theme is addressed, recent themes have included STEM Curriculum 2020, Nanotechnology, Robotics, and Integrated approaches to STEM. During an intensive week of themed master-classes, lectures, workshops and visits, delegates get to learn from each other as well as from leaders in the field, and build professional relationships that continue long after the seminar ends, often stimulating international collaborations.

March 2016 "New Directions in Mathematics Education"

The 13th annual Hatter Seminar took place at ORT House, London, between 13th and 18th March 2016. The theme of this event was “New Directions in Mathematics Education” and we focused on the renewed interest in mathematics education around the world.

Twenty educators from World ORT-affiliated schools in 12 countries attended, and they were joined by some of the leading international experts in the field of mathematics education. Amongst the guest speakers were Professor Hugh Burkhardt, Head of the Shell Centre for Mathematics Education and winner of the first ‘Emma Castelnuovo Award for Excellence in the Practice of Mathematics Education’; Professor Geoffrey Wake from the University of Nottingham who shared some of his experiences from working with schools in the Japanese educational system. Jon McLoone, co-founder and Content Director of ComputerBasedMaths.org presented a strong case for a revolution in the way that schools design their Mathematics curricula;Charlie Stripp, Director of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics was tasked by the UK government to identify some of the secrets of success that enable the schools of Shanghai to perform well above the rest of the world in Mathematics education. 

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